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GMP Program

The GMP program represents a partnership opportunity for a manufacturer to participate in the  U.S market as well as address the international market.
We have worked with manufacturers to develop OEM / ODM business as well as develop their own proprietary brands. 
A comprehensive strategy consists of addressing  the entire market; E-Commerce retail and retailers with physical stores.
Ascenda has a long history in partnering with manufacturers to place their product in the U.S. and International market.
Each U.S. retailer represents a different challenge and opportunity. Each have a different buying criteria, process and market. At Ascenda we have had the experience with them, understand them and use this knowledge for the success of our clients.
The goal is to shorten the supply chain and maximize profits.
                          "Direct from Manufacturer to consumer"
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GMP Strategy

End to end solution.
1- Initial meeting to review products and determine objectives.
2- Generate a marketing plan and financial forecast.​
3- Generate market strategy for product line up, packaging and pricing.
4- Set up an Amazon account.
5- Start selling.
6- Generate consumer demand and brand identity.
7- Generate leads for direct brick and mortar retail sales and wholesale distribution. ​
Market Competition
Using a proprietary analytic software, we determine, which products are ranking best in sales and to provide insight as to the design features and pricing. 
Design and Create
We can work with your graphics or our graphics team to create a dynamic Amazon webstore.
A web listing on Amazon, combined with proper marketing strategies will increase demand for your products.
We will create a complimentary web site that emulates the Amazon listing and provides additional information about the company. The website not only provides credibility but  may be used as a platform for direct consumer sales providing additional without marketplace costs.
Inventory Management
Ascenda can provide inventory management at one of our warehouses to maximize sales based on sales projections.
(Customer service is available as an option)
International Sales
An E-commerce solution based in Europe is available.
As the brand grows we can hire in-house a brick and mortar international retail sales team.
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